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  Title:  Estimator - Mechanical / Electrical / E & I / Instrument Control
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6+ Yrs
Saudi Arabia & Chennai
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Job Location - Saudi Arabia & Chennai

Designation: Mechanical Estimator

Exp: 6+ Years

Industry: Oil& Gas, Infra, Renewable

Salary: Negotiable

Job Location: Chennai & Saudi


​Job Responsibilities

A mechanical estimator typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Communicating with clients and other members of the team to answer questions about materials or design changes
  • Reviewing drawings and blueprints to determine cost estimates based on materials, labour costs, overhead expenses, and profit margins
  • Identifying potential problems with materials or design that could affect costs or construction timeframes
  • Calculating costs and preparing quotes for materials, equipment, and labour from start to finish for construction projects
  • Determining material costs, labour rates, and overhead expenses for each step of a project and adding them up to calculate an overall estimate
  • Forecasting labour costs by calculating the number of workers needed to complete the job based on their hourly rate and working hours per week
  • Creating detailed estimates using computer software programs designed specifically for estimating construction costs
  • Consulting with architects, engineers, and contractors to determine costs for various materials and equipment
  • Estimating the time required to complete a project by analyzing the scope of work and the resources available to complete the job

Designation: Electrical Estimator

Exp: 6+ Years

Industry: Oil& Gas, Infra, Renewable

Salary: Negotiable

Job Location: Chennai & Saudi


Electrical Estimator Responsibilities:

         Analyzing blueprints to determine wire lengths as well as suitable outlet placement based on electrical codes.

         Determining the amount, type, and cost of materials and fixtures needed for each electrical project.

         We are determining the amount of labour required to complete each project.

         Determining the potential profitability of electrical projects to assist management in making sound bidding decisions.

         We are providing viable solutions to increase project profitability.

         Completing and submitting competitive project bids in accordance with established guidelines.

         Regularly updating cost databases to accurately reflect fluctuating material and labour costs.

         Evaluating labour and material costs to determine whether it is more feasible to construct electrical components or sub-contract the construction of components.

Electrical Estimator Requirements:

         Completion of a postsecondary education electrician training program.

         Bachelor's degree in construction science, engineering, construction management, or a related field is advantageous.

         Certification through the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) or the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) International is advantageous.

         Valid electricianís license.

         The ability to interpret blueprints.

         Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

         Excellent organizational skills.

         Effective communication skills.

         Exceptional customer service skills.


Designation: Control & Instrumentation Estimator

Exp: 6+ Years

Industry: Oil& Gas, Infra, Renewable

Salary : Negobitale

Job Location: Chennai & Saudi

 ​Job Responsibilities

  • Prepares services, distributable, contractor indirect and/or capital cost estimates in specialized discipline areas using current techniques and market pricing.
  • Prepares cost/schedules products for proposals or contract negotiations.
  • Provides input on the level of effort required (cost/job hours) through coordination with functions and/or vendors and consolidates input for costing. 
  • Performs and reviews methodology for quantity takeoffs from design drawings for multidiscipline sections and customizes forms etc. to reflect best effort.
  • Prepares detailed pricing for field office non-manual labour/other direct costs (ODC) and home office labour/ODCs.
  • Produces capital cost costs estimate using a crew-based approach including the formation of crews from multiple disciplines.  Provides detailed pricing for manual labour rates.
  • Develops unit rates for discipline-specific items.
  • Assists in developing conceptual quantities to supplement partial Design Build design documents.
  • Prepares basis and assumption documentation denoting rationale, inclusions, and exclusions. 
  • Calculates fee-based on established fee model.
  • Quantifies and spreads escalation based on project schedule and estimated costs. 
  • Develops and performs analysis of project cash models and the corresponding time value of money as the cost of working capital correlating scheduled activities and cost. Generates payment schedules. 
  • Supports risk analysis assessment by identifying areas of risk.
  • Supports contingency efforts as directed.
  • Assists in developing unit staffing, job hour and pricing data for a specific discipline or another specialty, including estimating parameters, factors, indices, and craft distribution reference data, etc., based on analysis of Bechtel and industry experience. Performs data analysis, identifies problems and makes recommendations.  Identifies or defines data sources and techniques for data acquisition.
  • Prepares reports and estimate summaries for estimate reviews, as directed by supervisor. Participates in estimate reviews and presentations, as appropriate.

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